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RELEASE: New CAP Fact Sheet Debunks Pervasive, Dangerous Gun Lobby Myths
Press Release

RELEASE: New CAP Fact Sheet Debunks Pervasive, Dangerous Gun Lobby Myths

Washington, D.C. — In the wake of mass shootings, the gun lobby routinely deploys myths designed to undermine commonsense gun safety reforms and absolve the gun industry of accountability. The gun lobby’s lies come into particular focus following school shootings—something on many parents’ minds as children return to school this fall. A new fact sheet released today from the Center for American Progress debunks the gun lobby’s most dangerous and pervasive myths, which stoke fear, scapegoat mental illness, and decrease industry accountability.

“Unlocked doors, mental illness, and unarmed teachers are not causing America’s gun violence epidemic,” said Allison Jordan, a research assistant for Gun Violence Prevention at CAP and author of the fact sheet. “Today’s soaring rates of gun violence are the direct result of an unchecked gun industry and extremist lawmakers who have made firearms easily available to anyone, including people who commit crimes. It’s time for our elected leaders to build on the foundation of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, strengthen our gun laws, and keep our communities safe.”

Contrary to gun lobby claims, the fact sheet finds:

  • The United States has levels of mental illness comparable to other countries’—yet is the only place where mass shootings occur daily.
  • Arming school officers has not only failed to prevent gunfire on school grounds but also increased arrests of students for noncriminal behavior, exacerbating the school-to-prison pipeline. 
  • Of the 156 mass shootings that occurred from 2009 to 2016, only 10 percent occurred in gun-free zones; 63 percent occurred in private homes.

Click here to read: “Debunking Myths the Gun Lobby Perpetuates Following Mass Shootings” by Allison Jordan

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