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RELEASE: Major CAP Report Calls on the Next President and Congress to Create a Clean Energy Action Plan
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RELEASE: Major CAP Report Calls on the Next President and Congress to Create a Clean Energy Action Plan

Washington, D.C. — The Center for American Progress has released a comprehensive new report calling on the next president and Congress to create a Clean Energy Action Plan that will spur significant growth in the deployment of clean energy technologies, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy storage, among others. The report offers policy recommendations that seize the opportunity created by falling costs and steady growth of clean energy technologies, recent domestic and international policy advances, and growing public interest in acting on climate change.

“The next president and Congress should build on the momentum of the past eight years, including the increasingly competitive renewable energy prices, to invest in the clean energy infrastructure that will underpin the U.S. economy for decades to come,” said Luke Bassett, CAP’s Associate Director of Domestic Energy Policy and lead author of the report. “Meeting our international commitments and avoiding the worst impacts of climate change requires taking the long view of investment in infrastructure and factoring in committed emissions when considering new electricity generation.”

From increasing energy efficiency in consumer products and providing targeted analysis for state regulators to enhancing the federal role in energy finance and renewable energy deployment, the policy proposals advance the United States on a low-carbon pathway. Together, the Clean Energy Action Plan proposals will promote grid integration of efficiency and renewable energy technologies; coordination among levels of government and electricity sector stakeholders; and climate-smart investment in the nation’s infrastructure.

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