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RELEASE: John Podesta Joins Global Ocean Commission
Press Advisory

RELEASE: John Podesta Joins Global Ocean Commission

Washington, D.C. — Today the Global Ocean Commission announced that John Podesta, Chair of the Center for American Progress and a former White House chief of staff, is joining the commission.

“I am delighted to be joining the Global Ocean Commission, which I see as one of the most dynamic initiatives developing common-sense ways to manage fully 45 percent of the globe that remains common property, outside any national jurisdiction,” said Mr. Podesta. “For much of my career, I have worked to advance issues relevant to the commission, such as global food security, equity, national security, resource protection, and global resilience; and I look forward to making further progress on them with the commission.”

In an op-ed in the San Jose Mercury News, Mr. Podesta argues that responsible stewardship of the high seas is essential in our increasingly interconnected, globalized world.

Launched in February, the Global Ocean Commission is an independent, high-level initiative aiming to reverse degradation of the high seas—the internationally managed waters than make up 45 percent of the Earth’s surface—and restore them to full health and productivity.

It is jointly chaired by former Costa Rican President José María Figueres; Trevor Manuel, South African minister in the presidency and former finance minister; and David Miliband, former U.K. foreign secretary and incoming president of the International Rescue Committee.

“We’re very glad to welcome John Podesta on board as we move forward on our journey,” said Mr. Figueres. “He has long been a prominent advocate for action on climate change, and we look forward to engaging with him on the future of the ocean, an issue that is intimately tied to climate change in so many ways.”

David Miliband said, “I’ve known John Podesta for many years, and have no doubt that he will bring as much insight to the global ocean as he does to issues such as security, foreign policy. and the economy.”

Mr. Manuel said, “It’s essential that the United States, as a major economic power and a major ocean power, has a voice on the commission, and John’s will be the constructive voice that we need.”

The Global Ocean Commission originated as an initiative of the Pew Charitable Trusts, in partnership with Somerville College at the University of Oxford, Adessium Foundation, and Oceans 5. It is supported by Pew, Adessium Foundation, and Oceans 5, but is independent of all. It is hosted by Somerville College.

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