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RELEASE: Investments in Clean Energy Will Lower Household Energy Costs
Press Release

Washington, D.C. — Investing in clean energy will not only slow the pace of climate change, it will also help reduce household energy costs, according to a new column from the Center for American Progress.

Concerns about rising inflation often overlook the degree to which price changes are driven by high fossil fuel costs. Energy costs contributed more to the increase in consumer prices this past month than did any other category. One of the major reasons why fossil fuel prices have been rising is the industry’s vulnerability to extreme weather exacerbated by climate change. Even as fossil fuels continue to contribute to climate change, the industry has taken a beating from erratic arctic weather patterns in the winter, extreme summer heat, and stronger hurricanes.

By contrast, clean energy is now more affordable than ever. A recent report from the Rhodium Group found that the combined effects of the Build Back Better agenda would save $500 annually in reduced energy costs.

Read the column: “Clean Energy Will Lower Household Energy Costs” by Trevor Higgins.

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