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RELEASE: In New Book, Center for American Progress and PolicyLink Outline Blueprint for an ‘All-In Nation’
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RELEASE: In New Book, Center for American Progress and PolicyLink Outline Blueprint for an ‘All-In Nation’

Washington, D.C. — Today the Center for American Progress and PolicyLink released the new book All-In Nation, which lays the groundwork for federal policies that would create a more equitable economy and a more equitable nation. The book examines the impact of the increasing racial and ethnic diversity of America, and lays out a progressive policy agenda in key areas: infrastructure; jobs and the economy; health care and healthy communities; education and workforce development; immigration; criminal justice; and democratic participation.

Each policy chapter is introduced with a relevant personal essay written by a public figure, among them renowned educator Geoffrey Canada, jurist Michelle Alexander, and actress America Ferrera. The book’s contributors also include Marian Wright Edelman, Ai-jen Poo, Gov. Ed Rendell, Dr. Robert Ross, and Lawrence Summers. Together they represent a spectrum of issues and settings—from the streets to the halls of government and philanthropy to the ivory tower, along with a full range of wisdom, experience, and perspective that can lead to a stronger America.

All-In Nation includes a new analysis by economist Robert Lynch showing that if racial and ethnic income gaps were closed:

  • Our gross domestic product would be about $1.2 trillion higher per year
  • We would have about $192 billion more in federal, state, and local tax revenues
  • 13 million people would be lifted out of poverty

“One of America’s greatest advantages as it competes in a global economy is its diversity. Far from being a weakness, it’s a strength,” said Neera Tanden, President of the Center for American Progress. “We know innovation comes from the collaboration and interaction of different ideas, cultures, and attitudes. Public policy that encourages inclusion and ensuring equal opportunity for all will mean that the U.S. economy grows, rather than stagnates.”

Angela Glover Blackwell, Founder and CEO of PolicyLink, said, “Equity is more than a moral imperative, it’s an economic one. Growing diversity offers boundless potential, but only if we adopt a growth model based on the American ideals of fairness, equity, and opportunity. At PolicyLink, we often say that ‘equity is the superior growth model’ because we all have a stake in an economy that works better for everyone.”

All-In Nation is available for free in PDF format from

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