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RELEASE: Environmental, Labor Groups Urge Investments in Clean Energy Manufacturing To Remain in Infrastructure Plan
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RELEASE: Environmental, Labor Groups Urge Investments in Clean Energy Manufacturing To Remain in Infrastructure Plan

Washington, D.C. — Environmental and labor advocacy groups on Tuesday called for electric vehicle manufacturing incentives to remain a key component of any infrastructure spending bill, arguing that these investments are critical to the future of domestic manufacturing.

The groups made their case in a letter to President Joe Biden on Tuesday as he prepares to visit a Michigan Ford facility that is producing the new all-electric F-150. The letter calls for tax credits, grants, loans, and other incentive programs that can help to build a globally competitive domestic automotive industry and supply chain supporting well-paying manufacturing jobs.

The global transition to electric cars, trucks, and buses has begun, and it is essential for American workers, communities and consumers that the United States invest in domestic manufacturing with high-quality jobs,” the letter said.

Groups signing the letter include the BlueGreen Alliance, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, Environmental Defense Fund, the Center for American Progress, and the Union of Concerned Scientists.

“We agree that significant federal incentives are needed to build a globally competitive automotive industry here at home that can drive and sustain economic recovery in the clean energy and transportation future,” the letter said. “Congress has a narrow window of opportunity to enact a major new program of investments to achieve these goals, and we call on you to ensure that a comprehensive portfolio of manufacturing grants, loans, and tax incentives are a part of any package.”

The groups argue that if the United States is to lead in the critical industries of the future, “focused investments are needed in retooling, expanding and establishing clean vehicle and technology manufacturing and rebuilding essential supply chains including for batteries, key electronics and materials.” They say federal investments should also focus on helping to create jobs in communities that need it most, such as those areas that have lost energy and manufacturing jobs.

The letter added that any company receiving funds must “create good jobs that provide family-sustaining wages and benefits such as paid leave” as well as other labor protections.

Read the full letter here.

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