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RELEASE: Congress Must Pass the Build Back Better Act To Combat Climate Change
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RELEASE: Congress Must Pass the Build Back Better Act To Combat Climate Change

Washington, D.C. — The Build Back Better Act includes transformational climate investments that will push the United States toward an equitable and just 100 percent clean energy economy, according to a new column from the Center for American Progress.

The column outlines nine ways that the $1.75 trillion package would deliver on climate, justice, and jobs as the single greatest federal legislative action to combat climate change to date:

  • Targeted investments in low-income and disadvantaged communities will address long-standing environmental injustices
  • Labor standards will help ensure high-quality union jobs
  • Clean electricity tax credits will position the United States to achieve a fully decarbonized power grid by 2035, in line with science-based targets
  • A transmission investment tax credit will help U.S. power grid upgrades necessary to scale renewable energy deployment
  • Point-of-sale tax credits for new and used electric vehicles will usher in a new era of clean transportation
  • Investments in manufacturing and hard-to-decarbonize industries will onshore the clean energy supply chains of the future
  • Expanded energy efficiency and building electrification programs will lower energy bills and deliver additional emissions reductions
  • Funding for agriculture, forests, and coasts will conserve and restore the country’s natural carbon sinks, and reforms will make polluters pay their fair share
  • Climate and conservation investments in rural areas will transform and empower rural communities

Read the column: “Congress Must Pass the Build Back Better Act to Combat Climate Change” by Elise Gout, Bianca Majumder, Mikyla Reta, Ryan Richards, Mike Williams, Shannon Baker-Branstetter, and Trevor Higgins

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