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RELEASE: Congress Can Expand Health Coverage and Lower Health Costs Now, CAP Analysis Says
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RELEASE: Congress Can Expand Health Coverage and Lower Health Costs Now, CAP Analysis Says

Washington, D.C. — Congress must take action to prevent millions of people from losing marketplace financial assistance and close the Medicaid gap, according to a new analysis from the Center for American Progress.

While marketplace enrollment is at a record-high, millions of Americans could face higher costs for coverage and lose financial assistance when the American Rescue Plan Act’s enhancements of Affordable Care Act subsidies for marketplace plans expire at the end of this year. To prevent this outcome, Senate lawmakers must act swiftly to pass legislation that would extend those subsidies and also make affordable coverage available to the more than 2.2 million uninsured, low-income Americans in the Medicaid coverage gap.

Millions of Americans have gained marketplace coverage since the American Rescue Plan Act, but many of them stand to lose financial assistance without congressional action soon,” said Emily Gee, vice president and coordinator for Health Policy at CAP and co-author of the column. “Congress should also close the Medicaid gap to ensure the nation’s poorest people can access affordable coverage. That would save thousands of lives each year while also supporting more equitable access to coverage.”

If Congress acts, 2023 could see sustained high rates of marketplace enrollment and new coverage for millions long stuck in the Medicaid gap. But without congressional action on health coverage, there will be coverage losses and a sudden increase in premium costs for those who lose marketplace financial assistance.

Read the column: “Congress Can Expand Health Coverage and Lower Health Costs Now” by Nicole Rapfogel and Emily Gee

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