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RELEASE: Climate Action Under Attack in Congressional Spending Bills
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RELEASE: Climate Action Under Attack in Congressional Spending Bills

Washington, D.C. — As the budget battles in Congress head toward a showdown, it is becoming clearer that U.S. policies to combat the threat of climate change will hang in the balance. According to a column released by the Center for American Progress today, efforts in Congress to slash spending on environmental protection, clean energy, and international cooperation and attach policy riders to upcoming spending bills could significantly harm the domestic and international response to climate change.

“While it may not be getting headlines, the House and the Senate are using the appropriations process to undermine the nation’s ability to combat climate change,” said Greg Dotson, Vice President for Energy Policy at CAP and the author of the column. “Some in Congress are making an argument that we simply can’t afford to act on climate. But this assault on climate action is out of step with moral leaders, scientific evidence, and public opinion.”

The column details proposed cuts to climate-related government actions in six pending appropriations bills and urges Congress to reject attempts to undermine critical climate change policies.

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