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RELEASE: Center for American Progress Staffers Unionize
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RELEASE: Center for American Progress Staffers Unionize

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Washington, D.C. — The Center for American Progress, a progressive policy think tank, has agreed to voluntarily recognize staff members’ vote to unionize and the selection of International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, or IFPTE, Local 70 to be their collective bargaining representative.

In a memo to CAP management, staff members said:

We firmly believe that forming a union is in the spirit of our core mission and complementary to the good conditions and workplace standards we already enjoy. Bargaining collectively will help us to uphold and improve upon these conditions—both for ourselves and for those who follow us—and will empower us to continue to pursue, develop, and promote the bold progressive ideas that drive our work and shape the national policy debate.

“In recognizing the staff union, CAP leadership acknowledges the value of unions, from strengthening democracy in the workplace to reducing inequality and growing the middle class,” said IFPTE Local 70 President Alan Barber. “We welcome the staff of CAP and CAP Action Fund to IFPTE Local 70.”

“In keeping with CAP’s long-held support of workers’ collective bargaining rights, we support and recognize the move by our staff to join IFPTE Local 70,” said CAP President Neera Tanden. “We will work with them to ensure that CAP continues to work effectively to achieve our mission and to continue to provide a supportive workplace. We recognize that CAP is only as good as its staff.”

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