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RELEASE: CAP Report Urges U.S. To Focus on Energy Cooperation With Taiwan
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RELEASE: CAP Report Urges U.S. To Focus on Energy Cooperation With Taiwan

Washington, D.C. — As Taiwan faces growing aggression from China, a new report from the Center for American Progress urges the United States to focus on helping the island improve its energy security.

The report explains that gaps in Taiwan’s energy security pose a major liability to the island as it rebuffs Beijing’s push for reunification. Taiwan’s reliance on foreign energy imports and its troubled transition away from fossil fuels have encouraged the mainland Chinese government to undermine and delegitimize Taiwan’s democracy.

China is also using Taiwan’s energy deficiencies to justify increased interconnection with Taiwan’s outer islands. The report calls on U.S. policymakers to prioritize Taiwan’s energy security and help the island make the transition to renewable energy sources.

These efforts would strengthen Taiwan politically, economically, and militarily against a multipronged pressure campaign from China. They could also help safeguard critical U.S. supply chains, such as Taiwan-sourced semiconductors, and could further America’s influence on Beijing’s climate agenda as well.

Read the report: “The United States Should Prioritize Energy Cooperation with Taiwan” by Patrick Yu

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