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RELEASE: CAP Report Examines Northern Syria Security Dynamics and the Refugee Crisis
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RELEASE: CAP Report Examines Northern Syria Security Dynamics and the Refugee Crisis

Washington, D.C. — A new report from the Center for American Progress looks at connections between the security situation in northern Syria and the refugee crisis playing out in Turkey and adjacent countries.

The report examines the interests of the key outside actors and considers the humanitarian and security conditions in each of five zones outside the control of the Bashar Assad regime. It also looks at how those security conditions could affect further population movements and the impact of Turkey’s response to Syrian refugees.

The report offers recommendations for how the United States and European Union can tackle these complex problems and condition their engagement with Turkey in a way that balances humanitarian concerns with the moral and security hazards created by Turkey’s unilateral military actions. It urges the Biden administration—in concert with European allies—to address this crisis as part of a broader effort to de-escalate regional conflicts and restore some semblance of international cooperation.

“The United States can, working with partners on the ground and mobilizing international support, make a meaningful difference in the conflict in Syria at a minimal cost,” said Max Hoffman, director of National Security and International Policy at CAP and co-author of the report. “It’s both the right thing to do and the strategic thing to do.”

The recommendations focus on four broad goals:

  • Preventing a new stage of the conflict
  • Ensuring adequate humanitarian assistance
  • Exploring conditional engagement options with Turkey
  • Addressing external refugee issues

Read the report: “Northern Syria Security Dynamics and the Refugee Crisis” by Max Hoffman and Alan Makovsky

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