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RELEASE: CAP Presents Additional Findings From Poll on Public Attitudes on U.S. Foreign Policy
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RELEASE: CAP Presents Additional Findings From Poll on Public Attitudes on U.S. Foreign Policy

Washington, D.C. — Today, the Center for American Progress and GBAO are releasing additional results from a comprehensive examination of public attitudes about foreign policy issues.

The results are presented in a series of fact sheets outlining the major findings in key thematic areas, from war and military action to diplomacy and terrorism to global economic policy and climate change, as well public views on specific regional issues in areas such as China, Iran, Afghanistan, and Israel.

Among the findings:

  • Russia: American voters consistently view Russia as a major geopolitical adversary—but stark partisan divides emerge when it comes to defending American democracy against Russian interference.
  • Climate change: Voters reject the Trump administration’s case against action on climate change. A strong majority of Americans support America investing more in clean energy at home and working with allies to fight climate change.
  • Immigration: Nearly two-thirds of Americans favor comprehensive immigration reform with a safe, legal, and managed path to citizenship, over an alternative approach centered on a massive border wall and financial penalties imposed on Mexico if it doesn’t reduce migration.
  • China: Most voters see China as America’s biggest competitor in the world. They want increased investment in the industries and technologies of the future, while shoring up and building out U.S. alliances overseas.
  • Afghanistan: Americans are ambivalent about whether the U.S. military should stay engaged in Afghanistan or withdraw from the country. A majority of voters support negotiations with the Taliban that could end the conflict.
  • Israel: American voters remain widely supporting of Israel but have become more willing to exert U.S. leverage on the country to achieve a two-state solution to Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians.

Read the series of fact sheets: “America Adrift: Listening to What Americans Want From U.S. Foreign Policy” by Brian Katulis, Peter Juul, and John Halpin

Read the report analyzing the poll: “America Adrift: How the U.S. Foreign Policy Debate Misses What Voters Really Want” by John Halpin, Brian Katulis, Peter Juul, Karl Agne, Jim Gerstein, and Nisha Jain

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