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RELEASE: CAP Paper Shows How Technical Aspects of Iran Deal Amount to a Strong Agreement
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RELEASE: CAP Paper Shows How Technical Aspects of Iran Deal Amount to a Strong Agreement

Washington, D.C. — With the historic nuclear deal with Iran all but certain to survive a congressional challenge, focus has shifted to the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA, negotiated earlier this year by the P5+1 countries. In anticipation of that discussion, the Center for American Progress has a paper outlining the technical details of implementing the agreement and the impact they will have on preventing Iran from building a nuclear weapon.

The paper explains how the technical aspects of the Iran deal amount to a very strong setback for Iran’s nuclear capabilities. The paper explains how the deal will constrain Iran’s nuclear capability in the short term by removing nearly 98 percent of Iran’s enriched uranium and putting extensive limits on the number and type of centrifuges Iran can operate. The paper also addresses increasingly common questions on the inspections and verification process and its integrity.

“From a technical standpoint, the United States and partners have negotiated a very strong deal,” said Christine Parthemore, a CAP expert who previously worked on countering proliferation threats at the Pentagon. “Implementation will require one of the most stringent nuclear inspection regimes ever created. Looking ahead, there are steps that the United States and partners can take to shore up the International Atomic Energy Agency’s, or IAEA’s, ability to conduct its inspections effectively and increase threat reduction activities for neighboring countries to help identify and react to potential weapons of mass destruction-related activities.”

The paper recommends ways the United States and partner nations must work with the IAEA to most effectively implement the technical aspects of this strongly negotiated agreement.

Click here to read “Implementing the Iran Nuclear Agreement” By Christine Parthemore

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