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RELEASE: CAP Issues Legislative Proposal To Help Safeguard Elections
Press Release

RELEASE: CAP Issues Legislative Proposal To Help Safeguard Elections

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Center for American Progress released a new legislative proposal that aims to protect the integrity of elections by ensuring that, within each state, all voters are treated fairly and consistently.

CAP’s proposal attempts to bridge the gap between concerns about state rights and the need to ensure that no one can undermine U.S. elections. It would allow states to continue to have control over their election laws and impose no new across-the-board federal rules. At the same time, it would prevent the worst kind of electoral misconduct: selectively forcing certain voters to endure additional obstacles or scrutiny without legitimate justification.

The core text of the draft language states:

No individual’s opportunity to vote in an election for federal office may be restricted unless the restriction is authorized by state or federal law, and unless the state or federal law that is the basis for the restriction is consistently enforced across the state where the individual intends to vote.

CAP has supported, and continues to support, broader action to protect voting rights, end partisan gerrymandering, and reduce the improper influence of money in politics. However, as threats to democracy continue to grow, there is also a simultaneous need to pursue narrower proposals to protect elections against attempts to subvert them—like the ongoing effort to reform the Electoral Count Act.

This is another such effort. While it does not come close to achieving the worthy goals that CAP shares with other voting rights advocates, it would be an major step toward curbing the worst abuses of the U.S. electoral system.

Read the proposal: “A Legislative Proposal To Help Safeguard Elections” by Alex Tausanovitch

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