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RELEASE: CAP Issue Brief Calls for New Task Force to Help Tackle America’s Voter Turnout Problem
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RELEASE: CAP Issue Brief Calls for New Task Force to Help Tackle America’s Voter Turnout Problem

Washington, D.C. – A new issue brief from the Center for American Progress calls for creation of a National Task Force on Civic Engagement and Voter Participation to help boost voter turnout and increase Americans’ civic engagement.

While nearly 160 million Americans made their voices heard at the ballot box in November 2020, the United States still has a substantial voter turnout problem. Approximately 79.4 million Americans who were eligible to vote last year did not cast ballots. And when compared with other democracies, the United States still has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the Western world.

The issue brief calls on the Biden administration to convene a new task force that would offer state and local leaders valuable insights and tools to create policies to help improve voter participation. The task force would study why millions of Americans who are eligible to vote fail to do so each election cycle, exploring root causes of low voter participation in the United States. It would then offer solutions for elected officials, grassroots organizers, faith leaders, and educational institutions to help boost turnout and increase participation across communities and political ideologies.

The task force would address issues, including voter suppression and intimidation; disillusionment in the political process; disinformation and confusion over voter registration and rules or deadlines; and various economic and societal factors. It would also focus on fostering civic activism and engagement among young people since research suggests that voting may be habit-forming.

Read the issue brief: “How the Biden Administration Can Tackle America’s Voter Turnout Problem” by Hauwa Ahmed

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