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RELEASE: CAP Highlights Need to Promote Women in the Clean Energy Economy
Press Release

Washington, D.C. — As the Biden administration works on the transition to a clean energy economy, a new column from the Center for American Progress focuses on the need to make sure women are equally represented in the process.

The column notes that female participation in the energy sector is significantly lower than that of the broader economy. Whether it is improving company performance, fostering innovation, or adopting stronger policies to address climate change, women’s participation in the energy sector matters.

The column argues that boosting the role of women in the energy sector can make a difference when it comes to economic security. It could mean working to increase the opportunity for career growth for women already in the energy field or creating new pathways into clean energy jobs for those interested.

“Increasing the role of women in the clean energy economy will further our nation’s progress on climate action and improve women’s economic security,” said Maggie Jo Buchanan, senior director of the Women’s Initiative at CAP and co-author of the column.

The column urges government and industry leaders to recruit more women for training programs and foster more mentorship, internship, and professional development opportunities for women in the energy sector. It also urges the White House Gender Policy Council to commission a report on women in the energy sector.

Read the column: “Uplifting Women in the Clean Energy Economy,” by Aimee Barnes, Meredith Alexander, Maggie Jo Buchanan, Osub Ahmed, Marina Zhavoronkova, Elisia Hoffman, Chris Chyung, and Hannah Argento-McCurdy

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