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NEW REPORT: Window of Opportunity for a Two-State Solution
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NEW REPORT: Window of Opportunity for a Two-State Solution

CAP Fellow Brian Katulis is available for comment on this report and other developments in the Middle East.

By Brian Katulis, Marc Lynch, Robert C. Adler | July 15, 2009

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The Obama administration sees a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the cornerstone of its evolving Middle East strategy. Yet the window of opportunity for achieving a viable two-state solution is rapidly closing—at a time when Israelis and Palestinians seem incapable and unwilling to achieve a sustainable peace agreement. In the coming months, the Obama administration needs to build on its first steps on the Israeli-Palestinian front with specific actions to shore up Israeli and Palestinian political support for a possible two-state solution.

The Obama administration needs to win over more Israelis to its strategy for the region and consolidate a Palestinian leadership able to negotiate an enduring agreement in order to achieve a two-state solution. To address this stalemate, the Obama administration needs to take four concrete steps in the coming months:

  • Plan for the possibility of Palestinian elections in the coming year.
  • Develop an integrated program to strengthen Palestinian institutions in a broad range of sectors to lay the foundations for statehood.
  • Take immediate action to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
  • Conduct a public outreach and strategic communications effort in the Middle East outlining U.S. regional strategy, with increased attention to Israeli public opinion.

Each of these steps needs to be taken to expand the new window of opportunity created by the Obama administration’s first moves on Middle East policy.

Read the full report (pdf)

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