EVENT ADVISORY: Election Security in 50 States: Defending America’s Elections

Washington, D.C. — In 2016, Russia sought to breach the U.S. elections, including attempting to hack into many states’ election systems. More than a year later, despite many states taking proactive measures, U.S. election infrastructure remains vulnerable to attacks.

Please join the Center for American Progress for a discussion about the vulnerabilities in election infrastructure that threaten to undermine America’s free and fair elections—the cornerstone of our self-government. We will feature major figures on the front lines of this important national security issue and discuss a new CAP report on election security preparedness in all 50 states, assigning grades to each state.

CAP’s research and report card are designed to identify and provide information on strengths and shortcomings in each state’s election security preparedness. A better understanding of how each state can improve its election security preparedness can help build urgency for appropriate solutions and arm stakeholders with information to demand increased security measures. Despite bipartisan efforts in Congress to bolster election security and provide needed funding, legislation remains blocked.

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Introductory remarks:
Neera Tanden, President and CEO, Center for American Progress

Keynote remarks:
Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)

Part I: Armchair discussion:
Jeh Johnson, former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

Moderated by:
Neera Tanden, President and CEO, Center for American Progress

Part II: Panel discussion:
Judd Choate, Director of Elections, state of Colorado
Edgardo Cortes, former Commissioner of Elections, commonwealth of Virginia

Moderated by:
Winnie Stachelberg, Executive Vice President, External Affairs, Center for American Progress

* Additional participants to be announced.


February 12, 2018
12:00 p.m. ET – 1:15 p.m. ET


Center for American Progress
1333 H Street NW, 10th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20005

A light lunch will be served at 11:30 a.m.

For more information, please contact Sam Hananel at shananel@americanprogress.org, or 202.478.6327.