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Melis Tusiray


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What is the İHH? Report
Mehmet Kaya is the head of the İHH in Gaza. İHH represents itself as a humanitarian organization that acts “with the motive of brotherhood,” aiming to help and protect all regardless of “religion, language, race, and sect.” (AP/Adel Hana)

What is the İHH?

The Turkish humanitarian group has been subject to increasing scrutiny since its involvement with the Gaza flotilla crisis. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Melis Tusiray, Michael Werz

The İHH Riddle Report
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan seated with President Barack Obama at the White House.  Eighty-seven senators have signed a letter calling on the Obama administration to put İHH  on a list of foreign terrorist organizations which is counterproductive to U.S. efforts to recognize and respond to terrorist threats. (AP/Susan Walsh)

The İHH Riddle

The Turkish humanitarian group may have suspect connections, but shouldn’t be added to the list of foreign terrorist organizations, write Melis Tusiray, Peter Juul, and Michael Werz.

Melis Tusiray, Peter Juul, Michael Werz