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Correcting Myths About Federal Pay Article
Brett Tolman, pictured here, is a federal prosecutor in Utah. Federal workers on average not only are better educated than those in the private sector, but are also more experienced and older. This helps explain the compensation gap that appears when looking at unadjusted wages. (AP/Douglas C. Pizac)

Correcting Myths About Federal Pay

Lauren Smith breaks down the shoddy analysis underlying false claims about federal pay levels, which have been misrepresented by conservatives and major news outlets.

Lauren Smith

Families Can’t Afford the Gender Wage Gap Article
Michelle Ramirez picks her children up at a day care center in Chicago where she is a single mother and works as a receptionist to support her two children. (AP/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Families Can’t Afford the Gender Wage Gap

Heather Boushey, Jessica Arons, and Lauren Smith discuss the wage inequalities that perpetuate between men and women this Equal Pay Day 2010.

Heather Boushey, Jessica Arons, Lauren Smith

Why Aren’t We There Yet? Article
President Obama arrives to sign the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act with the law's namesake on January 29th. (AP/Ron Edmonds)

Why Aren’t We There Yet?

An Equal Pay Day 2009 primer on the wage gap from Jessica Arons, Heather Boushey, and Lauren Smith.

Jessica Arons, Heather Boushey, Lauren Smith