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The Sheepskin Effect and Student Achievement Report
Melissa Feilmeier instructs a group of seniors in her classroom at the high school in Vilisca, Iowa. (AP/Steve Pope)

The Sheepskin Effect and Student Achievement

Raegen Miller and Marguerite Roza dissect the nation’s sizeable investment in master’s bumps as a means of highlighting policy obstacles to a more smartly differentiated compensation approach.

Raegen Miller, Marguerite Roza

Separation of Degrees Report
On average, master’s degrees in education bear no relation to student achievement; going forward schools will have to consider ways to better align compensation with classroom success. (AP/Brendan Hoffman)

Separation of Degrees

School systems serious about improving results will have no choice but to reconsider the master's degree pay bump for teachers argue Marguerite Roza and Raegen Miller.

Marguerite Roza, Raegen Miller

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