Tune In Live: State Policy Efforts To Improve Prescription Drug Affordability for Consumers

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Germany’s Lessons for a Strong Economy Article
Michael Vassiliadis, president of Germany’s industrial union for Mine,  Chemical and Energy Workers, or IG BCE, and the newly created European  trade union federation IndustriAll, credits strong unions and culture of dialogue with business as the keys to Germany's relative weathering of the global financial crisis. (AP/ Axel Heimken)

Germany’s Lessons for a Strong Economy

Knut Panknin presents the views of a top industrialist and a union leader on Germany’s economic success, both of whom agree that a well-paid workforce is essential to strong economic growth.

Knut Panknin

‘Just Jobs’ Trump Everything Else Article

‘Just Jobs’ Trump Everything Else

Knut Panknin examines the critical role of employment in the democratic and social transformation of Middle East and North Africa.

Knut Panknin