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Capital Ideas Report
It’s rare for innovation to be institutionalized in government. And it’s even rarer to find officials and politicians who are aware of the full range of tools to accelerate better ideas. (iStockphoto)

Capital Ideas

Jitinder Kohli and Geoff Mulgan provide a menu of more than 20 different ways public agencies are promoting the generation of great ideas in this Doing What Works project report.

Jitinder Kohli, Geoff Mulgan

Scaling New Heights Report
There are strong incentives to innovate in the private sector, but the United States’ social sector has been largely unable to match that success. (AP/AJ Mast)

Scaling New Heights

Geoff Mulgan and Jitinder Kohli provide strategies for spotting small successes in the public sector and making them big in this Doing What Works project report.

Geoff Mulgan, Jitinder Kohli