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International Mortgage Finance 101 Article
While most developed countries don't mimic the United States in supporting housing finance primarily through backing the mortgage securitization entities Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae, those countries do have their own methods of government support for housing finance. (AP/ Manuel Balce Ceneta)

International Mortgage Finance 101

David Min explains that all of the world’s advanced countries provide significant levels of government guarantees to their housing finance systems.

David Min

The Global Importance of Government Guarantees in Mortgage Finance Report
Securitization is not an important source of mortgage financing for  European countries. Rather, European governments guarantee the sources  of funding that are most important for European mortgage finance—bank  deposits, and to a lesser extent, bank-issued covered bonds. (AP/ Mark Lennihan)

The Global Importance of Government Guarantees in Mortgage Finance

David Min details the several ways the U.S. government guarantee on residential mortgages works and then compares those processes with the very different but equally important government role in guaranteeing home mortgages across Europe.

David Min

Cause and Effect Report

Cause and Effect

David Min examines the allegations of the Securities and Exchange Commission's lawsuit against Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

David Min

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