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The Experience of the UK Child Poverty Target Report
Demonstrators listen to speakers at a rally in Trafalgar Square in central London. The British government has set 2010 as a target date to halve child poverty. (REUTERS/Toby Melville)

The Experience of the UK Child Poverty Target

In 1999 Tony Blair announced a goal of eliminating child poverty in Britain within a generation. Kate Bell examines the country's progress.

Kate Bell

Fighting Poverty to Stabilize the Economy Article

Fighting Poverty to Stabilize the Economy

Hearing focuses on why a new stimulus must help Americans work their way out of poverty in order to stabilize the economy, writes Kate Bell.

Kate Bell

Good Health Starts Early Article
Alejandro Ruiz holds her two-month-old daughter in a hospital waiting room in Salinas, California. Two new studies have shown that improving children's health is key to improving health outcomes for adults. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

Good Health Starts Early

Kate Bell analyzes new reports showing that child poverty is linked to poor health in adults, even those who rise out of poverty.

Kate Bell

Inequality Matters Article
James Purnell, Britain's Work and Pensions secretary, fired the opening shot in a debate over how to tackle child poverty in the United Kingdom. New research shows that inequality as well as poverty is linked to children's well-being. (AP/Sang Tan)

Inequality Matters

Kate Bell provides analysis of new research that shows it’s not just poverty that affects children’s outcomes—it’s inequality, too.

Kate Bell

Tackling Discrimination Head On Article

Tackling Discrimination Head On

Kate Bell on a new study from the UK showing that discrimination may account for up to two-thirds of the wage difference between men and women.

Kate Bell

UK-Style Welfare Reform Article
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown talks to Dolapo Oduwole earlier this year on the 10th anniversary of his Labour Party's New Deal employment program. Oduwole is a single mother who found work through a job center in central London. (AP/Lefteris Pitarakis)

UK-Style Welfare Reform

Kate Bell explains why the British government should look to its own poverty success rather than the United States' early failures for welfare reform help.

Kate Bell