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Federal Budget

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Financial Rollbacks Would Leave Coal in Consumers’ Stockings

Congress should not use a budget deal to roll back financial reforms that protect consumers and the broader economy.

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Budget Fights Threaten the Most Vulnerable Millennial Families

Congress must pass an appropriations package by December 11 or risk a government shutdown. A deal that works for Millennials must provide access for students, opportunity for workers, and support for families.

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Congress Must Adopt Changes to the Guantanamo Provisions of the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act

Resolution of budget issues are not enough to ensure passage of the 2016 NDAA after President Obama’s veto.

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Congress Passed a Budget Deal. Now What?

The bipartisan budget agreement delivers economic stability and a respite from unnecessary fiscal crises, but lawmakers still must address several lingering issues.

Erica Groshen of the BLS

Shortsighted Cuts to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Inhibit Meaningful Policy

Over the past five years, the inflation-adjusted budget for the government’s principal data collection agency has seen dramatic and shortsighted cuts. This is unacceptable.

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Shortchanging National Security

Current congressional appropriations threaten key defense and foreign policy programs to make a political point.

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Capped Out

article icon Issue Brief Unnecessary austerity in the federal budgeting process forces Congress to choose between paying for the nation’s largest college grant program or funding crucial domestic programs.

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Congress’ Tax Agenda: Businesses Before Working Families

The message from this week’s poverty data is clear: Congress needs to stop prioritizing tax benefits for businesses over those for low- and middle-income families.

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Appropriations Showdown on Climate Change

Some in Congress are using the annual appropriations process to attack President Obama’s climate change initiatives. For the sake of the country's future, these efforts must fail.

Investing in Millennials Through an Economy that Works for All

Rebecca D. Vallas, Director of Policy, Poverty to Prosperity Program, testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Budget.

Officials walk into the mudslide debris field in Washington state.

Setting the Right Course in the Next Budget Agreement

book_alt2 icon Report Lawmakers must avoid sequestration for both defense and domestic programs, and new revenue is a necessary element of any associated deficit reduction.

Fixing Sequestration and Improving the Budget Process

Carmel Martin, Executive Vice President for Policy at the Center for American Progress, submitted testimony to the House Budget Committee for its hearing on the first principles of congressional budgeting.

Central Park Apollo moon landing

New Horizons Leads the Robotic Exploration of Earth’s Celestial Neighbors

This month, NASA’s New Horizons probe will become the first spacecraft to reach Pluto, helping the United States retain its lead in the exploration of our solar system.

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Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Misses an Opportunity for Reform

Senate highway authorization fails to make needed reforms to reduce congestion, improve overall system performance, or direct federal funds flow to projects that will provide the greatest return on investment.

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A Decade of Progress in Controlling Medicare Spending

New long-term Medicare spending projections from the Congressional Budget Office are dramatically lower than similar projections from 2005.

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