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: Transportation for the 21st Century
Past Event

Transportation for the 21st Century

21st Century Energy: Economic Growth, Less Pollution

10:30 - 11:30 AM EDT

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event has been postponed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The United States has the opportunity to create an energy future that fosters economic growth, protects public health, and expands consumer choice. This event will focus on the potential to achieve these goals in the automotive sector. Panelists will discuss the latest in fuel-efficient, hybrid, electric car and other advanced technologies, in addition to their potential for job creation and oil savings. This will be the first event in the new Center for American Progress series on implementing a clean energy agenda, highlighting how innovative companies and smart policies are paving the way to a new, cleaner, more efficient economy.

Last November the Obama Administration announced new fuel efficiency standards, requiring cars and light trucks for built in model year 2025 to achieve 54.5 miles per gallon. They will go twice as far on a gallon of gas compared to 2010 vehicles.

Please join the Center for American Progress to discuss the coming generation of cars and the auto industry’s role in saving Americans money at the pump, creating jobs and reducing oil dependence.

Automakers will be showcasing their vehicles at the event.

Featured panelists:
Warren Brown, Automotive Columnist, The Washington Post
Craig Helsing, Vice President, BMW of North America
Patricia Strabbing, Senior Manager, Federal Legislative & Regulatory Policy, Chrysler Group LLC

Moderated by:
Carol Browner, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress