Past Event

Transforming Program Performance

GPRA Reform and New Tools for Program Design and Evaluation

10:00 - 11:30 AM EST

EVENT FULL: This event is now full and we can no longer accept RSVPs. Please watch the live webcast here.

Earlier this month, President Barack Obama signed the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010 into law—the first major government performance reform in 17 years. The law requires all departments and agencies to set high-priority goals, develop a plan to accomplish each goal, and regularly adjust the plan as they go along so the goals are more likely to be met. Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) was one of the key architects of the bill and will discuss the implementation phase of the legislation at this event.

CAP will also launch a major new report titled "The Secret to Programs that Work" at the event. With the input of more than 200 experts over six months, the Doing What Works team has developed tools and processes to ensure that essential questions of likely success are asked early in the program design process. The report will also present tools and a new process to evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs.

Please join the Doing What Works project as Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) discusses implementation of the new law and next steps in improving government performance. Following the interview, a panel of government performance experts will discuss and respond.

Introduction by:
Sarah Rosen Wartell, Executive Vice President, Center for American Progress

Keynote speaker:
Senator Mark Warner (D-VA)

Interviewed by:
Jitinder Kohli, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

Featured panelists:
Beth Blauer, StateStat Director, Office of Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley
Jonathan D. Breul, Executive Director, IBM Center for the Business of Government
Robert J. Shea, former Associate Director, Office of Management and Budget

Moderated by:
William D. Eggers, Director, Deloitte Research

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