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: The Teflon Presidency of Barack Obama
Past Event

The Teflon Presidency of Barack Obama

12:00 - 1:30 PM EST

President Obama has something going for him that few pundits recognize—he’s a Teflon president. Entering the presidential election year, the word "scandal" does not mar his presidency. Yes, there are the "birther" inanities, uproars over "policy czars," and empty allegations of corruption. But even the Solyndra affair seems to have fizzled without the mainstream press invoking the "s" word on a front page.

This lack of scandal is now drawing attention in Washington. In his new cover story for the Washington Monthly, Jonathan Alter steps back and asks why it is that Obama has turned out to be a Teflon president—and how, in a tight race, that could help his reelection. Please join Alter and Think Progress editor Faiz Shakir for a panel discussion on “The Teflon Presidency of Barack Obama", cosponsored by Washington Monthly.

Distinguished Panelists:
Jonathan Alter, Washington Monthly
Faiz Shakir, Vice President and Editor of ThinkProgress, Center for American Progress

Paul Glastris, Editor, Washington Monthly