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: The Forgotten Front: A New Strategy for Afghanistan
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The Forgotten Front: A New Strategy for Afghanistan

12:30 - 2:00 PM EST

Six years after the United States led an invasion of Afghanistan to remove the Taliban from power and destroy Al Qaeda’s safe haven, Afghanistan faces a growing insurgency that directly threatens its stability and the national security interests of the United States and its allies. The United States, in coordination with the Afghan government and the international community must change its current approach toward Afghanistan.

The Center for American Progress will release a new counterinsurgency strategy for Afghanistan, outlining a set of recommendations for strengthening the Afghan government, increasing security, accelerating reconstruction, combating the narcotics trade, and removing the terrorist safe haven in Pakistan. The panelists will discuss the new Center report, as well as offer their valuable insights on U.S. policy toward Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Featured Panelists:
James F. Dobbins, Director, International Security and Defense Policy Center, RAND Corporation
Lawrence J. Korb, Senior Vice President for National Security and International Policy, Center for American Progress
J. Alexander Thier, Senior Rule of Law Advisor, Rule of Law Program, United States Institute for Peace

Moderated by:
Caroline P. Wadhams, Senior Policy Analyst, Center for American Progress

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