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: Restoring America’s Military After Iraq
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Restoring America’s Military After Iraq

10:00 - 11:30 AM EST

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After nearly five years of war in Iraq and seven in Afghanistan, the U.S. military is facing a crisis not seen since the end of the Vietnam War. Equipment shortages, manpower shortfalls, recruiting and retention problems, and misplaced budget priorities have resulted in a military barely able to meet the challenges America faces today and dangerously ill-prepared to handle the challenges of the future.

As operations in Iraq eventually draw to a close, we must plot a new strategic direction for our nation’s military. Panelists will discuss the ways in which the United States military will need to reform and reconstitute itself to meet the nation’s challenges in the years to come. The event will also be the official release of ‘Restoring American Military Power: Toward a New Progressive Defense Strategy for America’ by Lawrence Korb and Max Bergmann.


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Featured Panelists:

Major General Robert Scales, CEO, Colgen LP, United States Army (retired)
Lieutenant General Michael M. Dunn, President, National Defense University
Colonel T.X. Hammes, Author, The Sling and the Stone, USMC (retired)
Richard Betts, Professor, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

Moderated by:

Lawrence Korb, Senior Fellow, the Center for American Progress

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