Past Event

Pursuing the Global Common Good

Principles & Practice in U.S. Foreign Policy

9:30 - 11:00 AM EDT

When is war justified? Is the use of torture ever acceptable? Do we have a moral responsibility to intervene against atrocities thousands of miles away? These are some of the pressing issues addressed in a new book by policy experts and faith leaders, published by the Center for American Progress. Pursuing the Global Common Good argues that U.S. foreign policy must go beyond preconceived notions of national self-interest and security by including our ethical obligations to the global community. Whether arguing against unjust wars or for our responsibility to lead against global warming, these essays dispel the faulty view that our national interests conflict with our ethical obligations. To the contrary, they make a strong and persuasive case that we can do better by doing good because our nation’s self-interest and its moral responsibilities are entwined.

Featured Panelists:
Dr. Elizabeth G. Ferris, Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy Studies, Brookings Institution, and Co-Director of the Brookings-Berns Project on Internal Displacement
Prof. Bryan Hehir, Parker Gilbert Montgomery Professor of the Practice of Religion and Public Life, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Denis McDonough, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress
Rev. Dr. William F. Schulz, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress, former Executive Director of Amnesty International USA, former President of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations

Moderated by:
Melody C. Barnes, Executive Vice President for Policy, Center for American Progress