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: Progressivism on tap with Dean Baker and Jared Bernstein
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Progressivism on tap with Dean Baker and Jared Bernstein

6:30 - 7:30 PM EST

Dean Baker argues in his new book, The End of Loser Liberalism: Making Markets Progressive, that progressives need a fundamentally new approach to politics. They have accepted the notion that conservatives want market outcomes whereas liberals want the government to intervene to bring about outcomes that they consider fair.  Yet conservatives rely on the government all the time, most importantly in structuring the market in ways that ensure that income flows upwards. Progressives should instead focus their efforts on restructuring markets so that more income flows to the bulk of the working population rather than just a small elite.

Jared Bernstein will provide commentary on Baker’s book.  Bernstein, through his new blog "On the Economy" and in his 2008 book, Crunch: Why Do I Feel Squeezed?, provides clear guidance and empirical evidence to help Americans better combat the rising inequality that concentrates wealth and political power in the top 1 percent while leaving the middle class anxious and insecure. Bernstein implores policymakers to pay attention to the real issues affecting our economy.  How do we create new jobs, rising incomes, and a stronger middle class?  What is needed to provide adequate regulation of financial markets?  How do we put the federal budget on a sustainable path that allows for necessary investments in public goods education, and infrastructure?

Join us for an important discussion with Dean Baker and Jared Bernstein on how progressives can build a new economic order that is equitable, productive, and responsive to the needs of all Americans.