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: Keeping the Promise of Stem Cell Research
Past Event

Keeping the Promise of Stem Cell Research

9:00 - 10:30 AM EST

Congress is once again considering legislation to expand the federal policy guiding embryonic stem cell research. The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, identical to a bill Congress passed a year ago with broad, bipartisan majorities in both houses, would create an ethical construct for stem cell research conducted through federal funding and provide scientists with access to better and improved stem cell lines that could lead to cures for diseases and injuries that affect millions of Americans. Scientific advances continue to demonstrate the promise of this research, and the American people continue to demonstrate their widespread support for pursuing the research as well.

Please join the Center for American Progress as we present Congresswoman Diana DeGette (D-CO) and Congressman Mike Castle (R-RI), tireless champions of stem cell research and the authors of the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2007, who will discuss the necessity of supporting this research and the political means to do so. Following their remarks will be a distinguished panel of stem cell researchers who will examine the importance of vigorously pursuing embryonic stem cell research, particularly in light of recent discoveries in stem cell science.

Distinguished Speakers:
Congresswoman Diana DeGette (D-CO)
Congressman Mike Castle (R-DE)

Featured Panelists:
Chad Cowan,
PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School
Jeanne Loring,
PhD, Principal Investigator at the Burnham Institute and Director of the NIH Human Embryonic Stem Cell Training Course
Steven L. Teitelbaum,
M.D., Wilma and Roswell Messing Professor of Pathology at Washington University School of Medicine

Introduction by:
John Podesta, President and CEO, Center for American Progress

Moderated by:
Jonathan D. Moreno
, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress and the David and Lyn Silfen University Professor and Professor of Medical Ethics and the History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania