Past Event

Growing Great Teachers and Leaders

Charter School Strategies for Building a Human Capital Pipeline

9:30 - 11:00 AM EDT

Successful charter schools and the Charter Management Organizations that run them have grown significantly over the past decade but the limited supply of effective teachers and leaders is a key barrier standing in the way of more rapid growth. Recent studies have indicated that many charter schools have an inadequate pipeline of school leaders and face a looming shortage on the horizon.

Join us for a conversation with charter school leaders to discuss their strategies for overcoming human capital challenges. We will launch the conversation with a paper by Christi Chadwick that analyzes the pipeline-building approaches undertaken by the following six Charter Management Organizations: Green Dot Public Schools; IDEA Public Schools; High Tech High; the Knowledge is Power Program, or KIPP; Rocketship Education; and YES Prep Public Schools. We will continue and expand on the discussion with a panel of distinguished charter schools and human capital experts.

Featured presenter:
Christi Chadwick, Senior Consultant, Public Impact

Featured panelists:
Nella García Urban, Director of Teacher Development, YES Prep Public Schools
Orin Gutlerner, Director of the MATCH Teacher Residency, MATCH Charter School
Irma Muñoz, Chief People and Systems Officer, IDEA Public Schools
Kelly Wright, Senior Learning Officer, KIPP Foundation

Moderated by:
Cynthia Brown, Vice President for Education Policy, Center for American Progress