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: Doing Good Is Good for the Recovery
Past Event

Doing Good Is Good for the Recovery

National Service Investments and Job Creation

12:00 - 1:15 PM EST

The nation’s youth, age 16-24, have the highest rates of unemployment. With the least amount of experience and mounting competition from older workers, they require targeted interventions. Investments in National Service programs are an innovative approach that leverages public private partnerships and young people to address the pressing issues facing our communities. The programs have proven track record of providing employment, but also educational and training opportunities. Further, youth engaged in service can work to improve communities and provide valuable assistance to non-profits that are feeling the strain of the economy as they seek to serve the growing ranks of the poor. This panel will discuss how strategic investments in service programs can reduce youth unemployment while supporting the organizational needs and development of non-profits.

Featured Speakers:
John Bridgeland, President and CEO of Civic Enterprises
Kirsten Lodal, CEO and Co-Founder, LIFT
David Muraki, Director, California Conservation Corps
[YouthBuild Corps Member]

Moderated by:
Shirley Sagawa, Visiting Fellow, Center for American Progress