Past Event

Clearing the Air

The Truth About EPA’s Proposed Air Toxics Rule for Utilities

9:30 - 11:00 AM EDT

On March 15, 2011, the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, proposed the first-ever standards that would require coal-fired power plants to reduce their emissions of toxic air pollutants, including mercury, arsenic, and lead. The public health benefits of limiting these emissions have been well-documented by both scientists and medical professionals. But a lesser-known fact is the proposed rules are expected to create nearly 360,000 jobs and generate almost $200 billion in capital improvements by 2015. These standards are also achievable: 60 percent of all coal-fired boilers that submitted stack test data to the EPA are already achieving the proposed mercury limits.

Please join the Energy Opportunity program of the Center for American Progress for a timely discussion of this proposed rule and its implications for reliable and affordable electricity, job creation, capital investment, and the economy.

Featured speakers:
Bob Perciasepe, Deputy Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency
Mindy Lubber, President, Ceres
W. Thaddeus Miller, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, Calpine

Moderated by:
Carol M. Browner, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress