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Avoiding Cell Phone Bill Shock

Doing What Works to Empower Consumers

12:00 - 1:00 PM EDT

Cell phones, smart phones, and other mobile devices are increasingly an essential part of Americans’ everyday lives. But as minutes, messages, and megabytes quickly add up, avoiding "bill shock"—a sudden, unexpected increase in your monthly mobile bill—can be a challenge. According to a recent survey by the Federal Communications Commission, one in six mobile users—30 million Americans—have experienced bill shock. More than half those consumers saw an increase of $50 or more, but few were alerted by their mobile phone company—before or after the bill arrived.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski will join Sarah Rosen Wartell from the Center for American Progress to discuss his consumer agenda, including the proactive steps that the agency is taking to empower consumers with simple solutions for avoiding bill shock. At the event, the chairman will outline the findings of a new FCC paper on bill shock and hear directly from consumers who have experienced an unexpected increase in their mobile bills. The Center for America Progress’s Doing What Works program seeks to find ways that government can embrace new technologies to achieve their objectives, such as empowering consumers to make smart choices.

Featured Speaker:
Julius Genachowski, Chairman, Federal Communications Commission

Introduction by:
Sarah Rosen Wartell, Executive Vice President, Center for American Progress