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: A Federal Role in Closing the Graduation Gap
Past Event

A Federal Role in Closing the Graduation Gap

12:30 - 2:00 PM EST

Nationally, the high school on-time graduation rate has peaked at just 70% despite decades of efforts to improve educational outcomes. Rates for African American and Hispanic students are considerably lower. But we now know how to help more students succeed. With the identification of leading dropout indicators and strategies and solutions to improve high school completion, what will it take to get serious about helping potential dropouts become successful learners ready for postsecondary study or work?

The proposed Graduation Promise Act will create incentives to drive systemic change by creating a federal commitment to partner with schools, districts, and states to keep high school students in school, help them achieve at high levels, and graduate from high school prepared for the 21st century. The time to support efforts to boost high school graduation rates is now. Join us as we learn about the key provisions of the Graduation Promise Act, as proposed by Adria Steinberg and Cassius Johnson of Jobs for the Future and Hilary Pennington of the Center for American Progress.

Featured Participants:
Adria Steinberg, Associate Vice President, Jobs for the Future
Cassius Johnson, Project Manager, Jobs for the Future
Robert Balfanz, Research Scientist, Center for Social Organization of Schools, John’s Hopkins University
Carmel Martin, General Counsel and Chief Education Advisor, Senator Edward Kennedy; Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee

Hilary Pennington, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress and Co-founder and Vice Chair, Jobs for the Future