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Women of Color Policy Series: Our Value, Our Voice





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  • Women of color are a key demographic group and play a significant role in shaping the political, cultural, and economic landscape of our nation. Yet despite their significant role in society, their voices are largely underrepresented in the national discourse on a range of policy issues.

    Their perspectives have been particularly and notably absent this year in the coverage of the debate on women’s rights and reproductive health care in spite of the fact that it is women of color (and those who are low-income) who have most to gain or lose from the proposed measures. Similarly, less attention has been given to the impact the anemic economy is having on women of color, even though they are more likely than their white counterparts to be the primary breadwinners for their families, and now earn more degrees (yet still less wages) than their male counterparts.

    Which begs the questions: Why are the perspectives of women of color largely ignored in the public discourse? And what impact does the male-dominated policy dialogue on women’s rights have on women of color, their families and communities? How will the influence of women of color shift with America’s impending demographic shift that predicts that women and girls of color will make up the majority of women in forty years?

    Please join Progress 2050 and the FIRE Initiative for a discussion with leading experts to discuss these questions and more.