Renewing Our Commitment

The technology to transform our energy future exists today; Congress must commit to sustainable change.

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee will meet today to examine the success of federal renewable fuel programs.

America’s dependence on oil creates a web of problems including rising gasoline prices, increased dependence on foreign oil from unstable or hostile countries, global warming, and dire poverty in the developing world. In multiple reports, the Center for American Progress has urged the federal government to unite with citizens, businesses, and environmental groups to reshape the energy landscape in order to create a stronger economy, a safer world, and a cleaner environment.

The energy technologies necessary to dramatically transform our energy future are available today. The government has just not yet taken adequate measures to promote sustainable energy sources.

In July, the Center for American Progress released a report detailing the serious national security risk caused by America’s dependence on foreign oil. In February, the Center for American Progress offered a plan to boost the economy, reduce oil consumption, and protect the environment. To advance America’s renewable fuel programs and promote national security, the Center for American Progress urges the federal government to:

  1. Provide farmers the financial tools and expertise to shift towards the production and processing of energy crops.
  2. Transform the transportation sector by mandating that all passenger vehicles run on high blends of biofuels and gasoline (or “flex fuels”) within a decade and expand tax incentives for gas stations that install biofuel pumps.
  3. Recognize the threat of global warming by enacting a national carbon cap and trade mechanism that allows farmers and drivers to benefit from the production and use of biofuels that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Center for American Progress has done extensive research in these policy areas. Many of our proposals are now under consideration in the Senate. As the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee meets tomorrow, we urge them to consider these steps and commit to a sustainable energy future.

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