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RELEASE: President Biden Should Veto Anti-Worker Lawmakers’ Attack on Union Rights
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RELEASE: President Biden Should Veto Anti-Worker Lawmakers’ Attack on Union Rights

Washington, D.C. — Anti-worker lawmakers are quietly advancing a bill that would harm working people across the economy by undermining their ability to come together in unions. The legislation demonstrates a growing divide between the economic values of everyday Americans and policymakers who claim they support the working class but advance policies designed to weaken workers’ power while refusing to hold corporations accountable. A new Center for American Progress column explains how House Joint Resolution 98 undermines franchise and outsourced workers’ right to come together in unions by rescinding new “joint employer” regulations adopted by the National Labor Relations Board.

From fast food cooks and hotel cleaning crews to construction and warehouse workers, House Joint Resolution 98 would weaken workers’ ability to organize into unions, bargain with employers who control workplace conditions, and hold large corporations accountable for labor law violations.

“Even though President Joe Biden would very likely veto a bill that weakens joint employer protections, the legislation sends a clear message about the priorities of anti-worker lawmakers who would rather reward corporate interest groups than working-class people,” said Karla Walter, senior fellow for Inclusive Economy at CAP and author of the column. “The bill is the opposite of what is needed at a time when corporate profits are at near record highs while workers’ share of the wealth they help create has declined over decades.”

Read the column: “President Biden Should Veto Anti-Worker Lawmakers’ Attack on Union Rights” by Karla Walter

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