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RELEASE: Center for American Progress Names Neera Tanden as New President
Press Release

RELEASE: Center for American Progress Names Neera Tanden as New President

The Center for American Progress, or CAP, is pleased to name Neera Tanden as our new President. Tanden will succeed John Podesta as President, who will remain at CAP in the new position of Chair of the Board.

Tanden is currently the Chief Operating Officer of CAP and is part of the founding team that created CAP in 2003. She has played a key role in CAP’s development over the last eight years and has helped lead this institution in advocacy, management, policy development, and strategy.

She is a committed public servant, having served in the administrations of President Barack Obama and President Bill Clinton, and as a longtime advisor to Hillary Clinton. A graduate of Yale Law School, Neera has proven expertise in areas like health care reform, economic growth, and justice, and crafting foreign policies that reflect our nation’s values and strengths.

“Neera has the experience, the intellect, the policy chops, the public communication skills, and the leadership ability to blaze a path for this great organization. She is the right person to take this institution to a new level,” said Podesta.

"I’m honored by the faith placed in me to lead this organization that is so vital to the progressive cause at this important time and I look forward to working with CAP’s executive team as we chart bold progressive solutions to America’s most pressing problems, not just in 2012, but for 2020 and beyond," said Tanden.

Podesta will remain at CAP and will focus on CAP’s long-term strategic growth and drawing new initiatives into the organization. “I am extremely proud of what CAP has accomplished and look forward to the days ahead as we move forward under Neera’s leadership. In less than a decade, CAP has become an impact player in the policymaking process and in the political arena. CAP will continue to do the work and analysis that this country needs at this critical time,” Podesta added.

Sarah Wartell, Executive Vice President for Policy, and a co-founder of CAP will continue to develop policy priorities for the long-term progressive agenda. Jennifer Palmieri, who succeeded Podesta as President of the Center for American Progress Action Fund earlier this year, will continue in that role and will also continue to lead CAP’s communications team.

Neera, as President of CAP, will lead a diverse group of talented men and women at every level of the organization. She will be aided in that effort by CAP’s superb executive team: Winnie Stachelberg, who will continue to lead CAP’s strategic outreach efforts ; Rudy deLeon, who guides CAP’s National Security team; and Carol Browner, who chairs CAP’s Executive Committee.

These management changes will take effect November 1.