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RELEASE: CAP Welcomes Johan Hassel as New Senior Fellow To Lead the Global Progress Initiative
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RELEASE: CAP Welcomes Johan Hassel as New Senior Fellow To Lead the Global Progress Initiative

Washington, D.C. — Today, the Center for American Progress announced Johan Hassel as a new senior fellow who will work with the National Security and International Policy department. He will spearhead CAP’s Global Progress initiative, continuing to drive its influence as a powerhouse international network of progressive leaders, policy experts, and political strategists.

Hassel will contribute to CAP’s thought leadership on the priority cross-cutting challenges that confront the transnational partnership—advancing an accountability agenda, countering threats to democracy, driving an economic growth vision that is inclusive and sustainable, and countering the climate crisis and its impacts. He will also lead CAP’s work on advancing a future vision for a transatlantic partnership to advance our shared security interests and cooperation to address global challenges.

Hassel has been the international secretary of the Swedish Social Democratic Party since 2018 and has held leading positions at the center of progressive politics for more than 15 years. Previously, he was CEO of the Swedish-based independent think tank Global Challenge (Global Utmaning), helping it to become one of the foremost leaders in sustainable development in Europe.

“At a time when democratic values are threatened around the world, Johan brings to CAP the experience and leadership needed to bring the progressive global movement together,” said Patrick Gaspard, CAP’s president and CEO. “He has vast experience in international affairs and security politics as well as an extensive network of contacts in international progressive circles.”

Hassel is a senior figure in Swedish politics. He represented the Swedish Social Democratic Party in the presidency of the PES (Party of European Socialists), the board of the Olof Palme International Center, and the Steering Committee of the Progressive Alliance.

“Johan’s expertise will help take CAP’s Global Progress initiative into its next phase, forging new ties across the progressive political spectrum to confront shared challenges,” said Alan Yu, senior vice president for National Security and International Policy at CAP. “Whether it’s confronting growing authoritarianism around the world or leading the global fight against climate change, Johan will help CAP play an essential role meeting new and existing global challenges.”

“I am looking forward to joining CAP and leading Global Progress at a time when neither democracy nor peace and security can be taken for granted,” said Hassel. “Climate change and social justice must be addressed jointly. Progressive solutions are essential to provide citizens with a positive view of the future.”

Previously, Hassel served in leading positions in the global center-left youth movement and worked on initiatives to advance democracy in the Middle East. He has served in the Swedish Armed Forces and in the NATO-led Kosovo Force (KFOR) peacekeeping mission in Kosovo.

Hassel received a bachelor’s degree in business and economics from Lund University and studied political science and European studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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