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RELEASE: Antiparks Caucus in Congress Seeks to Dismantle America’s Most Beloved Public Lands
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RELEASE: Antiparks Caucus in Congress Seeks to Dismantle America’s Most Beloved Public Lands

Washington, D.C. — A new CAP analysis reveals the latest efforts by a small group of the most extreme members of Congress to dismantle America’s most beloved public lands, roll back key efforts to safeguard landscapes, and put industry profits over conservation.

This group of lawmakers, which CAP has dubbed the antiparks caucus, is made up of senators and House members who have done one or more of the following:

  • Introduced more than one antiparks bill.
  • Co-sponsored three or more antiparks bills
  • Signed onto a legal amicus brief that attempts to undermine presidential authority to protect public lands

Congressional antiparks members are supporting legislation within select categories, all of which can be classified as antiparks legislation. These categories were established through a new CAP analysis, which classifies nearly 40 bills that make up the broader antiparks agenda.

  • Efforts to undermine the president’s authority to protect public lands and waters using the Antiquities Act
  • Overturning rulemakings that would prioritize people over polluters on public lands
  • Turning public lands and waters into wastelands for dirty energy development
  • Removing protections for protected landscapes
  • Attacks on landscapes protected for endangered species
  • Undercutting enforcers of laws that protect communities’ clean air, water, and health

The analysis notes that the congressional antiparks caucus agenda has play-by-play parallels to the infamous Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025, an extremist, authoritarian playbook for a future conservative administration to hit the ground running.

“The antiparks caucus is already hard at work to increase the reach of oil and gas, erase land and water protections, overturn critical conservation rulemakings, and more,” said Sam Zeno, policy analyst for Conservation Policy at CAP. “They must be held accountable for these actions that are contrary to the values of their constituents who want to protect access to nature.”

Read the report: The Agenda of the 118th Congress’ Antiparks Caucus” by Sam Zeno

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