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RELEASE: 9 Reasons Why Progress on Stronger Gun Laws is Within Reach
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RELEASE: 9 Reasons Why Progress on Stronger Gun Laws is Within Reach

Washington D.C. — Today the Center for American Progress released a new report identifying specific reasons why enacting common-sense measures to prevent gun violence are still within reach despite the Senate’s failed attempt last month to advance legislation to strengthen gun laws.

“The aftermath of the Senate gun vote has made one thing clear: The NRA lobbyists won a battle, but they are losing the war,” said Arkadi Gerney, author of the report and Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress. “New strength in swing states, the widening gap between NRA leadership and gun owners, and the diminished ‘intensity gap’ are among the reasons that advocates for stronger gun laws are feeling optimistic that we will succeed in enacting measures to prevent gun violence and make our communities safer.”

Outlined in detail in the report are nine reasons why progress on stronger gun laws is still within reach, including:

  • Swing-state momentum
  • Evolving demographics
  • A new center of gravity
  • A widening divide between the NRA leadership and public opinion, even among gun owners
  • The NRA’s path not followed
  • Re-engaged Democrats and progressives
  • Recent election results
  • The closing of the intensity gap
  • The scale of gun violence

Click here to read the descriptions of each of these reasons.

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