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EXPERTS AVAILABLE on Health Care Reform Developments
Press Release

EXPERTS AVAILABLE on Health Care Reform Developments

WASHINGTON, D.C.– In light of recent developments in the effort to enact comprehensive health care reform, experts at the Center for American Progress are available to provide their reactions and analysis.

Judy Feder, Senior Fellow at CAP, released a new analysis today, titled Cost Containment Is Key: Health Care Reform Will Bring Costs Under Control.

“Health reform’s three major goals—insurance reform, affordable coverage, and slower cost growth—are all critical. But effective cost containment is key to achieving the other two. Health insurance that offers meaningful protection and is affordable hinges on getting ever-rising health costs under control…

“Health reform’s potential to actually produce these savings—of critical importance to the nation’s long-run economic health as well the individual financial health of all Americans —is just one more reason to challenge the argument that we cannot afford to enact health reform. The fact is, we simply cannot afford not to.”

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The following experts are also available:

Please contact Jason Rahlan at 202-481-8132 or [email protected].