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AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT: CAP Experts on the Impact of Sequestration
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AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT: CAP Experts on the Impact of Sequestration

Washington D.C. — As the clock ticks down toward the fiscal cliff, the following experts from the Center for American Progress are available to comment on the impact of the looming federal sequester:

To speak with a CAP expert, please contact Katie Peters at [email protected] or 202.741.6285.

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  • How Sequestration Would Work: Estimating the Consequences of Sequestration on Agency Performance, Personnel, and the Employees of Federal Contractors
    Many critical questions remain regarding official interpretations of the legislation and how it will actually be implemented on an agency-by-agency basis.
  • What Is at State for Communities of Color in the Fiscal Showdown Debate?
    The long-term impact of cuts to education, health, and training programs will be felt for generations to come, particularly in communities that are disproportionately younger, since less access to academic programs, fewer resources for financial aid, and diminished job-training opportunities will have a lasting negative impact on their economic success. This is particularly true for people of color, who suffered first and worst during the Great Recession, are disproportionately younger than the rest of the population, and continue to struggle to regain their economic foothold.
  • 7 Ways that Looming Budget Cuts to Public Lands and Oceans Will Affect All Americans
    The looming budget sequester will have major impacts on our lands and oceans and the varied purposes they serve for all Americans. The critical services provided by the land and ocean management agencies require funding, but their benefits are widespread.
  • Sequestration Would Harm Gay and Transgender Americans
    Sequestration in particular would result in draconian cuts to federal programs that support the health, wellness, and livelihood of gay and transgender Americans and their families. From workplace nondiscrimination protections to health care coverage to supporting our nation’s elders, cuts in these programs would seriously harm gay and transgender Americans.
  • Military Families Whacked by Sequestration
    Impact Aid helps school districts that are particularly burdened by activities or commitments of the federal government such as school districts located on or near military installations. Because Impact Aid funds go out the same year they are appropriated, the potential cut to Impact Aid due to sequestration hits this year’s budget particularly hard.
  • Oops, I lost the Airport: Automatic Federal Budget Cuts Will Wreak Havoc in the Skies
    The Federal Aviation Administration will have to slash its budget in 2013 by about $1.35 billion, under across-the-board spending cuts known as “sequestration.” And under the terms of the 2011 law dictating the cuts, agency officials will be unable to shield air traffic control (or any other agency-funded service) from cuts.


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