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AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT: CAP Experts on No-Cost Contraception Coverage
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AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT: CAP Experts on No-Cost Contraception Coverage

Washington, D.C. — CAP experts are available to comment on the continuing debate over the Obama administration’s decision to require employers, including religious institutions, to offer health plans that cover contraception. The following key facts and related resources illustrate why the administration’s decision is a tremendous victory for women’s health and why the decision should be upheld.

Key facts:

  • Twenty-eight states already mandate contraception coverage.
  • The president’s plan would exempt 335,000 churches and religious institutions from covering contraception.
  • Polls show that majorities of Americans, including Catholics, favor requiring no-cost access to contraception.
  • A rule has been in place since 2000 mandating that insurance companies who offer prescription coverage also cover contraception—with no exemption for religious institutions. The president’s plan provides for sufficient religious exemptions.

The following CAP experts are available for comment:

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